Unstable feature status


Feature Status Minimum Edition
impl Trait Shipped, 1.26 2015
Basic slice patterns Shipped, 1.26 2015
Default match bindings Shipped, 1.26 2015
Anonymous lifetimes Shipped, 1.26 2015
dyn Trait Shipped, 1.27 2015
SIMD support Shipped, 1.27 2015
? in main/tests Shipping, 1.26 and 1.28 2015
In-band lifetimes Unstable; tracking issue 2015
Lifetime elision in impls Unstable; tracking issue 2015
Non-lexical lifetimes Implemented but not ready for preview 2015
T: 'a inference in structs Unstable; tracking issue 2015
Raw identifiers Shipping, 1.30; tracking issue 2015
Import macros via use Unstable; tracking issue ?
Module system path changes Unstable; tracking issue 2018

While some of these features are already available in Rust 2015, they are tracked here because they are being promoted as part of the Rust 2018 edition. Accordingly, they will be discussed in subsequent sections of this guide book. The features marked as "Shipped" are all available today in stable Rust, so you can start using them right now!

Standard library

Feature Status
Custom global allocators Will ship in 1.28


Tool Status
RLS 1.0 Feature-complete; see 1.0 milestone
rustfmt 1.0 Finalizing spec; 1.0 milestone, style guide RFC, stability RFC
Clippy 1.0 RFC


Tool Status
Edition Guide Initial draft complete
TRPL Updated as features stabilize

Web site

The visual design is being finalized, and early rounds of content brainstorming are complete.